Whether your decor is contemporary, classic, rustic or somewhere in between, Fireglass provides uncompromising versatility. The multitude of colors allow you to create your own custom look. The glass is tempered for long-term heat consumption. Thanks to the process used in creating the glass, it burns cleaner and more efficiently than conventional gas logs. It will not melt, degrade, or emit toxic fumes. With no popping embers to worry about, you can even remove those screens and glass doors that hinder your view. Then watch the colors dance! Now if you think this looks good in your fireplace, it is a show-stopper in an outdoor fire pit or as a decorative feature in your patio landscape.


1/4″ Thick – 10lb bag
Copper, Gold, Black, Steel Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Bronze, & DiaBlue
List: $66.00
SALE: $52.80

Special order colors Platinum, Jade, Mint, Rose, & Silver also available*

*Pricing above is for in-stock glass only

1/2″ – 3/4″ Thick – 10lb bag
Dark Blue, Crystal, Black, or Aqua Blue
List: $62.00         SALE: $49.60
List: $86.00         SALE: $68.80
List: $100         SALE: $80

Special order colors Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, Dark Green, or Jade also available*

*Pricing above is for in-stock glass only