Boulder Creek Stone


Bavarian Castle

Adorning the estates and castles of European royalty for centuries, the new Bavarian Castle adds a strong, regal look for your home. Recreating the time-honored style of the English country home, the Master Craftsmen of Boulder Creek Stone have created four realistic color patterns.



Bluff Stone is best described as several flat stones stacked on top of one another. Its soft, wind-eroded edges and rich, warm colors make Bluff Stone and excellent addition to any building project.



Cliffstone is a popular stone choice with less protrusion than our Country Ledge and slightly more than Montana Ledge. Available in three different colors, Cliffstone is a smart choice for those looking to add a touch of ruggedness without the roughness of Montana Ledge.


Country Ledge

Designed to evoke images of cliffs along the Mississippi River, Country Ledge is a smoother version of our rugged Montana Ledge. This stone is great for adding texture and variety to your projects.


Eastern Fieldstone

A lighthouse beacon steers your eye to a perfectly imperfect patchwork. Eastern Fieldstone offers a unique uniformity found only on the Atlantic seaboard of the United States; a shared heritage of rural and urban, of prvincial prestige and modern marvel.


Fast Stack

With an easy-to-install design that does not require grout joints, Fast Stak allows even the most inexperienced builder to create professional facings for a home or business. In addition, Fast Stak’s modular design allows you to mix and match pieces to suit your individual building needs.


Italian Fieldstone

Close your eyes. You’re sipping vino in an Italian villa, taking a gondola ride or slaloming the Alps. Rugged. Rustic. Romantic. Take your choice, Italian Fieldstone is as versatile as your vision needs to be. Open your eyes. You’re home.


Montana Ledge

Thicker than our popular Country Ledge, Montana Ledge is an excellent stone for adding rugged, mountainous, appeal to your home or building. Stratification on the stone face and a greater level of protrusion than other stone patterns help create this timeless look.


Mountain Blend

The perfect mixture of Ledgestone and Fieldstone prepackaged to ease installation. The Mountain Blend Pattern certainly expresses rugged style and taste.


Ohio Rubble

Ohio Rubble is a classic, ageless, stone that has quickly become a favorite of our builders. With its clean, rectangular shape, and soft, weathered appearance, Ohio Rubble is certain to add that special touch to your next home or building.


Prairie Bluff

Prairie Bluff is an exceptional new stone which blends several thicknesses to create rich texture and visual depth. Available in three different colors, Prairie Bluff provides endless options for customizing your next building project.


River Rock

By blending stones of a variety of shapes and colors, our popular River Rock lends the impression that each stone has been carefully hand-picked to fit within the pattern. Not only does our River Rock save you the time of hunting out each individual piece, it’s easy to install design allows even novice do-it-yourselfers to create beautiful, unique facings with ease.



Patterned after quarried stone with a chiseled faced front, Sangria is a popular stone choice guaranteed to add style and sophistication to your next building project. And because it’s now available in six different colors, Sangria is easily matched to any interior or exterior.


Southeastern Ledgestone

Newly released, Southeastern Ledgestone’s dramatic appearance is the choice for true creative expression and southeastern charm. Available in a full palette of tonal range – make a statement with Boulder Creek Stone’s new Southeastern Ledgestone.



For years, stone masons have been splitting field stone to reveal the inner beauty of rocks. Now, the same effect can be achieved through our Splitface pattern without all the labor of natural stone. Select from six different colors to customize this distinctive look to your home.


Venetian Cobble

Venice was home to The Renaissance, a period characterized by the prolific blending of art and science. Such is Venetian Cobble. As symmetric as it is random, as calculated as it is un-choreographed, this stone will render you inspired.


Washed River Rock

Washed River Rock is a variation of our popular River Rock pattern, distinguished by its smooth face and subtle erosion lines. Reminiscent of stones etched by both time and water, Washed River Rock lends a feeling of comfort and warmth sure to brighten any home or business.


Weathered Edge

Weathered Edge is an excellent stone choice for those looking to add an air of strength and durability to their next home or building. Its weathered edges, massive size, and stratified face combine to create a feel of permanence and stability that is unparalleled.


Western Ledgestak

Boulder Creek Stone’s new Western Ledge Stak brings simplicity to a once challenging discipline. With a sophisticated rustic beauty, this stone is destined to be a favorite for both commercial and residential users alike. Select from three colors and capture the contemporary old world charm you seek.