Heat & Glo Wood Burning Fireplaces



A clean faced, wood burning fireplace with the appearance of masonry at a fraction of the cost of a site-built masonry hearth. Our Rutherford is designed to be installed flush to the floor and right up to the doors with your favorite stone, marble, granite or tile. Available in 36˝, 42˝ and 50˝ viewing areas, molded brick panels that reflect a true firebrick color and size as well as actual mortared grout lines.

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Royal Hearth

Enjoy an authentic hearth experience with all the convenience of today. Our Royal Hearth fireplace is available in 36˝ and 42˝ viewing areas, delivering dramatic new features like easy-to-operate damper, neat-and-clean ash lip, and scratch-resistant powder coat finish. The clean face design offers a large viewing area with less exposed metal. And its richly colored, textured refractory looks like real brick.

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Pier 40

A show-stopping multi-sided fireplace, our Pier-40 is a three-sided peninsula style fireplace that is perfect for a room divider with a spectacular view of the fire from all three sides. Its optional polished brass glass doors and fully insulated firebox make this fireplace not only a delight to look at, but energy efficient as well. And best of all, your guests can enjoy a crackling fire from different parts of a room.

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Meeting the strictest environmental standards in the country, our North Star offers you cutting-edge technology in an attractive, clean-burning fireplace. With an emission level of 3.25 grams per hour and certified to the EPA Phase II criteria, it can be burned in areas where conventional wood burning fireplaces are banned. Put your last load of wood in for the evening and the North Star will provide sufficient heat throughout the night.

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HST See Through

The authentic masonry look of our See-Through wood-burning fireplace creates a magnificent view from two sides. Our HST See-Through is available in two impressive viewing areas: 42˝ and 48˝. And three styles of glass doors enhance its look and efficiency. Choose from Satin Brass, Polished Brass or Black finish.

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Our Exclaim offers viewing areas of magnificent proportions. Available in 36˝, 42˝ and 50˝, it makes any room stand out. With your choice of a traditional or herringbone brick interior and an array of finishes for the optional doors, our clean-faced fireplaces can turn any living area from casual to spectacular. And the selection of glass or mesh door options allows for that extra personal touch.

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Energy Master

Our Energy Master takes warmth to a new level by offering increased heat output, higher efficiency and a bountiful 42˝ view of the fire. Designed with double walls on the sides and top where heat collects, it traps heat that radiates through the first wall and is lost in traditional fireplaces.

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Bay 40

Traditional qualities and advantages of a fireplace in a unique and modern design, our Bay 40 is a showstopping multi-sided fireplace. With a large viewing area of 19 x 36˝, optional brass trimmed, full view glass doors and two large side glass viewing areas, you get a truly three dimensional effect. And best of all, your guests can enjoy a crackling fire from different parts of a room or completely separate rooms altogether.

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