Paragon Stone

Prairie Stone

Prairie Stone is a Paragon Stone exclusive and is one of our most popular profiles. It’s a an original created by our artisans’ view of the perfect stone. It blends just the right amount of linear and random features with rich textures and an expressive color palette.




The interplay of light and shadows dance across the walls in Paragon Stone’s Ledgestone. Roughly textured and varying in height, Ledgestone captures the drama of both subtle and bold ambient light. Nature inspired us to recreate this beautiful rock, now we hope it inspires your new creation.





Summit Ledge

Strong, grand, bold–all perfect ways of describing Paragon Stone’s Summit Ledge. We were moved by this rock’s natural, simple beauty and have faithfully recreated it in Summit Ledge. Its warm color palette and exquisite textures complement a variety of residential and commercial applications.
























Last Modified on March 10, 2016
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