Paragon Stone

Prairie Stone

Prairie Stone is a Paragon Stone exclusive and is one of our most popular profiles. It’s a an original created by our artisans’ view of the perfect stone. It blends just the right amount of linear and random features with rich textures and an expressive color palette.




The interplay of light and shadows dance across the walls in Paragon Stone’s Ledgestone. Roughly textured and varying in height, Ledgestone captures the drama of both subtle and bold ambient light. Nature inspired us to recreate this beautiful rock, now we hope it inspires your new creation.


Summit Ledge

Strong, grand, bold–all perfect ways of describing Paragon Stone’s Summit Ledge. We were moved by this rock’s natural, simple beauty and have faithfully recreated it in Summit Ledge. Its warm color palette and exquisite textures complement a variety of residential and commercial applications.





After millions of years of pressure, the earth gives birth to a magnificent rock. Paragon Stone’s Limestone captures this Midwestern quarried stone in all its glory. We meticulously reproduced limestone’s bold, rough, hand-split look in a range of beautiful color blends reminiscent of grand historic homes.



Field Stone

The early settlers of the New England states used them for their strength, you can use them for their rugged beauty. Paragon Stone’s Fieldstone provides a handsome, weathered texture to any project. Its hand-dressed edges perfectly emulate the look and feel of the classic walls seen all over New England.



Manor Stone

Thanks to Paragon Stone, the architectural heritage of European manors is well alive. Manor Stone is our latest creation. It infuses the rich and stately feel of great English estates with the ease of use that marks the Paragon Stone product. Manor Stone cries out with an expressive, enduring history.


River Rock

What do you get when centuries of moving water touches the landscape…an unplanned beauty that only nature could produce. Our naturally inspired River Rock features smooth, round edges with distinct surface details. Every stone is hand picked for their unique shapes and individual characteristics.



Stacked Stone


Ashlar Stone


Foundation Stone





Complete your project with true Paragon Stone accessories. They are manufactured to the same stringent standards as our entire architectural stone veneer product line. Just as importantly, they are designed to fit right and complement the texture and color of your Paragon Stone choice. These accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your masterpiece.


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